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Guided by an Angel - Nina Lancaster's Creative Visualization Workshop...

Photo by Miulew Takahe.

About a month ago (which is eons ago in SL time), my friend Miulew Takahe introduced me to the very angelic spirit-guide counsellor, Nina Lancaster (pictured with wings above). Nina invited me to attend her wonderful and transformative creative visualization workshop in-world. I do not recall the exact location but I think it took place on her own island. Maybe Nina will be able to leave a comment on this blog posting to clarify the location details...

Photo by Miulew Takahe.

So, Nina guided us on an internal mental journey where we created our own movie out of the metaverse-linked worlds that constitute the domain of our collective imagination-space.

She wanted us to play our movies in our own heads without telling anyone else what sorts of wishes that we were fulfilling. She wanted each one of us to be the stars of our own movie and hopefully, if we were disciplined and creative enough with our private group meditation, we would be able to superimpose this "fantasy" reality overtop our immediate and immanent reality in Second Life.

After all, isn't Second Life itself superimposed over our visual and imaginative field in Real Life (RL)?

What Miss Lancaster showed us was that any "virtual" or "imaginary" reality could be equally as real if our focus was in the right place at the right time. We could create our own reality and hopefully, the magickal impact of this sort of visualization will bring this 3rd Life dimension into our Second and First Lives as well.

Our avatars, no matter how virtual they appear (even the biological one in RL), are holograms reflecting our divine essence and utopian ambitions...

I believe that Lancaster attributes the facilitation of these superimposed realities to not only ourselves but also to our Spirit Guides (Guardian Angels) who are "Legion for they are many" (personal variation on a famous quote).

I now count Nina Lancaster as one of my many Guardian Angels in Second Life.
Perhaps we can have an in-world channeling session in the near future together so we can determine the specific names and personality profiles of the rest of our spirit-guide avatars.

I think it is safe to say that I believe in Angels :-)

Special thanks to Miulew for introducing me to my new guardian angel, Nina Lancaster. I hope to correspond and co-visualize with her more in the future...
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