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candle lighting ceremony at the Beth Israel Synagogue...

here are some pictures of the candle lighting ceremony from the Beth Israel Synagogue in Second Life...Although I had a great and illuminating time, I was not educated in the ritual context enough to really comment on what I experiences except for a sense of community comraderie and humour...I would like to warmly thank Beth Odets for taking the time to invite me to the Synagogue and her own music/art space in Shushan and making me feel welcome in a room full of strangers. I had sent her some interview questions about the Judaism in SL but she did not feel qualified to answer my questions which I fully understand. I hope that I can meet a Rabbi in SL in order to learn more about Judaism.... Please IM me in-world if you are an expert and/or Rabbi in Judaism...

here are some pictures that I took of the candle lighting ritual and the "after-party"...

Tags: beth israel, beth odets, candle lighting, judaism, second life, synagogue
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