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Second Nations Assembly...

In the not-so-distant past, I formed my first in-world group in Second Life.
I was inspired by the idea of every avatar being indigenous to the virtual world of Second Life and almost immediately, the parallel with First Nations identity came to mind in Real Life (RL). If we can all identify as being part of the same active and living heritage, civilization and culture then maybe we will learn to explore our affinity with one another and evolve away from sectarian struggles and petty griefing.

Here was what I wrote in my group description of this new Second Nations Assembly. I am very pleased to see so many people wishing to also identify themself as being of Second Nations heritage....

"This group is also known as the Second Assembly of Nations. Just as there is an Assembly of First Nations, this Assembly acknowledges that all of us are in-world aboriginal natives who are indigenous to Second Life (SL).

Anyone in SL can be seen as belonging to the lineage and ancestral heritage of Second Nations civilization.

The Assembly of Second Nations exists to support and identify multi-faith expressions and multi-cultural lifestyles of all those who have the birthright of a Second Life."

If you wish to publically identify yourself as being of Second Nations ancestry, please send me an IM in-world and I will add you to the list.
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