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Krishna Consciousness in Second Life...

I have just heard in some news articles about Second Life (SL) that the Krishna Consciousness has finally arrived in my home metaverse. Naturally, I wasted no time and visited the temple as I wanted to know everything there was to know about the Hare Krishna Devotees' perspective on the nature of reality as illusion (Maya) when living as an avatar in Second Life.

I read the philosophy posted on the wall here and I also googled and found this blog mention about a Hare Krishna perspective on the Shakti of Maya in SL...

I am definitely going to read the content on the above web-link very carefully as the blogger seems to have a very in-depth and considered opinion about the sub-strata of Maya that Second Life seems to inhabit.

I am not sure if all Hare Krishna devotees would agree with this particular blogger so I set out to find the community leader of this collective's temple and sure enough I managed to meet Franko Corleone pictured here...

Here is the link to Franko Corleone's Real Life (RL) website...

Corleone also happens to be an Australian Krishna Devotee in RL.

Corleone was a very "frank" (pardon the pun) and generous soul who right away wished to distance his SL temple from the official and controversial ISKCON movement. I wonder if the blogger I read about is an ISKCON member or not? Regardless, I told Franko Corleone that I wanted to meet with as many Krishna devotees as possible to discuss the nature of Maya in Second Life. Here is the chat history with Corleone and others who were also visiting the temple...some I believe were from India in RL...

[23:14] ~: Welcome to the Hare Krishna Community Land, Qyxxql. Please respect this is a religious site and a PG area, NO WEAPONS ALLOWED. AUDIO ENABLED AREA
[23:14] ~ gave you _Handout.
[23:14] Sneha Singh: nono
[23:15] Abhay Rang: tourism ?
[23:15] Sneha Singh: u can say that
[23:15] Sneha Singh: at kormangla
[23:15] Abhay Rang: oh yeah kormangla is bustling with it companies
[23:16] Abhay Rang: You follow politics ? UP has elections going on you know..
[23:16] Sneha Singh: yeah
[23:16] Sneha Singh: oh yes
[23:16] Sneha Singh: i was watching news
[23:16] Sneha Singh: bjp scandle
[23:16] Sneha Singh: cd
[23:16] Abhay Rang: yeah
[23:16] Abhay Rang: Who do you think is going to win ?
[23:16] Sneha Singh: r u north indian
[23:16] Abhay Rang: no
[23:16] Sneha Singh: south indian
[23:17] Abhay Rang: Well you can say my ancestors lived in goa :)
[23:17] Jishin Shinohara is Offline
[23:17] Abhay Rang: too bad they moved out :(
[23:17] Sneha Singh: oh goa is a beautiful place
[23:17] Sneha Singh: even here they made anjuna beach
[23:18] Sneha Singh: sl
[23:18] Abhay Rang: oh great I didn't know that
[23:18] Abhay Rang: will visit
[23:18] Sneha Singh: but i didnt like it
[23:18] Sneha Singh: anjuna is such a beautiful beach
[23:18] Sneha Singh: i have seen manglore
[23:19] Abhay Rang: Yeah I had been there like a year ago
[23:19] Abhay Rang: mangalore too ?
[23:19] Abhay Rang: what did you do a south india tirp ?
[23:19] Abhay Rang: trip ?
[23:19] Sneha Singh: my sister was there
[23:19] Hare Krishna Free FARMING Bag: Enjoy your free gifts from
the Hare Krishna Community
[23:19] Sneha Singh: in bangalore
[23:19] Hare Krishna Free FARMING Bag gave you Hare Krishna Free FARMING Bag.
[23:21] Hare Krishna Free DEVOTIONAL bag whispers: Enjoy your free gifts
from the Hare Krishna Community
[23:21] Hare Krishna Free DEVOTIONAL bag gave you Hare Krishna Free DEVOTIONAL bag.
[23:21] Hare Krishna Free MENS Bag #3 whispers: Enjoy your free gifts
from the Hare Krishna Community
[23:21] Hare Krishna Free MENS Bag #3 gave you Hare Krishna Free MENS Bag #3.
[23:21] Hare Krishna Free MENS Bag #2 whispers: Enjoy your free gifts
from the Hare Krishna Community
[23:22] Hare Krishna Free MENS Bag #2 gave you Hare Krishna Free MENS Bag #2.
[23:23] Hokon Cazalet: ummm, convert real money, get a sex dancing job
[23:25] ~: Welcome to the Hare Krishna Community Land, BrokeHippyFool. Please respect this is a religious site and a PG area, NO WEAPONS ALLOWED. AUDIO ENABLED AREA
[23:26] Lord Krishna Poster gave you Lord Krishna.
[23:27] Prabhupada Poster gave you Swami Prabhupada.
[23:28] Abhay Rang: ok hes gone no use now
[23:28] Sneha Singh: and u will get all the information
[23:28] Sneha Singh: he he
[23:29] You: hello there
[23:29] Abhay Rang: so sneha which part of up you from
[23:29] Sneha Singh: hi
[23:29] Abhay Rang: hello merlin
[23:29] Sneha Singh: agra
[23:29] Sneha Singh: do u want to come
[23:29] Abhay Rang: oH agra's lovely been there
[23:29] Sneha Singh: he he
[23:29] Abhay Rang: the land of the taj mahal
[23:29] Sneha Singh: pagalkhana
[23:29] Sneha Singh: also
[23:29] Abhay Rang: hahaha
[23:29] You: please forgive my interruption, I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a Hare Krishna avatar I could speak with?
[23:29] Sneha Singh: yes
[23:30] Abhay Rang: yes he is some where here I think you mean the owner
[23:30] Sneha Singh: leave the message
[23:30] Hokon Cazalet: there are in this site, but not here now
[23:30] Abhay Rang: please look around you might find them on the left of my isde or behind me
[23:30] You: ok..thank you...I left a notecard for Frank Corleone in his mailbox...is there anyone else I should know about it?
[23:30] Abhay Rang: sure
[23:31] Abhay Rang: I had been to delhi two years agoa nd on the way we could see the taj mahal by train
[23:31] Sneha Singh: what u want to know merlin
[23:31] Sneha Singh: ok
[23:31] Hokon Cazalet: that is really cool
[23:31] Sneha Singh: yeah
[23:31] Abhay Rang: Hokon you been to india ?
[23:31] You: I want to know more about the Hare Krishna perspective of SL
[23:31] Sneha Singh: not been to mathura
[23:32] Sneha Singh: oh i cant help u sorry merin
[23:32] You: no problem, thanks for helping me
[23:32] Abhay Rang: I think I have been to mathura but don't remember much I was a kid and my parents had planned this huge north india trip we went all the way to keddarnatht?
[23:32] Abhay Rang: kedarnath
[23:32] Sneha Singh: ok
[23:32] You: I was hoping that they might have someone here 24/7 to tend the place :-)

[23:32] You: oh, I got an IM..
[23:33] Abhay Rang: You been to kedarnath badrinath ?
[23:33] Sneha Singh: no
[23:33] Hokon Cazalet: the guy was here a half hour ago
[23:33] Sneha Singh: it willbe good if we talk in im
[23:33] Abhay Rang: yeah sure
[23:33] You: I am in IM with Franko now..thanks for the help
[23:34] You: oh hello :-)
[23:34] You: there you are :-)
[23:34] Franko Corleone: greetings
[23:35] You: I guess you have read my notecard
[23:35] Franko Corleone: no not yet
[23:35] You: oh ok :-)
[23:35] You: basically, I wanted to know more about the Hare Krishna perspective of SL here
[23:35] Franko Corleone: just reading it
[23:36] You: and I wanted to blog this in-depth discussion on my blog with pictures...ok
[23:36] Franko Corleone: okfiorstly this is NOT an ISKCON project
[23:36] You: ok..that is good to know
[23:36] Franko Corleone: its a private project by a few devotees
[23:36] You: ok..makes sense
[23:37] You: you have created this sim - this is your project, correct?
[23:37] Franko Corleone: that have worked in multimedia aspects of educ ation and the krishna community for some years
[23:37] You: ok..great
[23:37] Franko Corleone: we setup web radio systems a few years ago for the community
[23:37] Franko Corleone: this is a progression of that
[23:37] You: ok..sounds good
[23:38] You: I was wondering what drew you as a Krishna devotee to SL and what SL means to you personally as a devotee?
[23:38] Franko Corleone: the community aspect of SL intrigued me
[23:38] You: ok
[23:39] Franko Corleone: once i saw that there was a pl;ace for a temple and a place for devotion here
[23:39] Franko Corleone: i decided to build it
[23:39] You: great
[23:39] You: I was also wondering about any metaphysical contemplations of SL as a virtual space
[23:39] You: some consider it as a maya within a maya
[23:39] Franko Corleone: well yes some do
[23:39] You: I have been reading a link on the subject which I can IM you
[23:40] Franko Corleone: the thing with SL is it has freedom of choice
[23:40] Franko Corleone: people can choose to go to our area
[23:40] Franko Corleone: or
[23:40] You: yes, free-will
[23:40] Franko Corleone: tyhey can choose to go to a club
[23:40] Franko Corleone: or a shop
[23:40] You: ok
[23:40] Franko Corleone: just as in real world
[23:40] Franko Corleone: no player/user is hemmed in or restricted from being able to use the area
[23:41] You: do you believe that living in SL as an avatar holds some form of Vedic transcendence for you and others?
[23:41] Franko Corleone: and none are "bibler bashed" as has been quoted at some sites
[23:41] Franko Corleone: we give options
[23:41] You: ok
[23:41] Franko Corleone: people can listen or not
[23:41] Franko Corleone: if not they have sound effects of amnbient sounds
[23:41] You: ok
[23:41] Franko Corleone: if they wish to learn there are lecture rooms or books
[23:42] Franko Corleone: its all up to the individual how they use the area
[23:42] You: yes, the collection is very impressive
[23:42] Franko Corleone: theres always a lecture/class broadcasting across the land
[23:42] You: ok
[23:43] Franko Corleone: except in the reading room which is silentat 430am and 630pm there are live programs from the LA Temple
[23:43] You: is the SL in-world congregation projected into the LA temple?
[23:44] Franko Corleone: no
[23:44] You: ok
[23:44] Franko Corleone: not yet
[23:44] You: how many Krishna devotees are in SL that you know of?
[23:44] Franko Corleone: 28
[23:44] You: wow, quite a large number
[23:44] Franko Corleone: yes it surprised us a bit also
[23:44] Franko Corleone: and from all parts of the world
[23:44] Franko Corleone: india
[23:45] Franko Corleone: australia
[23:45] Franko Corleone: usa
[23:45] Franko Corleone: uk
[23:45] You: I was wondering if there was a way for me to chat with some of these devotees about their perspective of their relationship to SL as a Krishna Devotee?
[23:45] You: I am trying to understand the essence of Krishna Conscioussness in SL
[23:45] Franko Corleone: im sure some of the regulars would speak with you
[23:46] Franko Corleone: just hang around you will see them
[23:46] You: that would be great
[23:46] You: ok
[23:46] Franko Corleone: they have a devotee tag over theyre name
[23:46] You: ok..that is good to know

[23:46] You: when will some of them arrive? any of them might show up soon?
[23:46] Franko Corleone: all times
[23:46] You: ok
[23:47] You: so far, I have just encountered you :-)
[23:47] Franko Corleone: because of the time zone independant nature of sl theres no set time for people
[23:47] You: makes sense
[23:47] Franko Corleone: but a few should turn up at 430am
[23:47] You: oh ok...a bit late for me, unfortunately
[23:47] You: I am living in SL time
[23:47] Franko Corleone: me also
[23:47] Franko Corleone: but not in usa
[23:47] You: ok
[23:48] You: Canada?
[23:48] Franko Corleone: australia
[23:48] You: oh quite a different time zone to SL then
[23:48] Franko Corleone: yes
[23:48] Franko Corleone: but have to maintain the area when its active
[23:48] You: yes, I guess you have to be around a fair bit of the time
[23:49] Franko Corleone: yes a lot
[23:49] You: do I have permission to post a snapshot with you and this chat history on my blog?
[23:49] Franko Corleone: sure
[23:49] You: thank you
[23:50] You: so, you are saying this is not an ISKON sim...were you once a member of ISKON? (this can be off the record if you want)
[23:50] Franko Corleone: in the area where i livethere is a farm run by iskcon
[23:50] You: ok
[23:51] Franko Corleone: and a temple run by gaudiya math
[23:51] You: ok
[23:51] Franko Corleone: both co exist nicley
[23:51] You: good to hear
[23:51] Franko Corleone: thats not always the case in other areas
[23:51] Franko Corleone is Online
[23:51] You: yes, sometimes it is controversial
[23:51] You: thank you for accepting my friendship
[23:51] Franko Corleone: another reason this is a private project rather than a congressional one
[23:52] You: yes, ok..makes sense
[23:52] You: can we take a photo together somewhere for my blog?
[23:52] Franko Corleone: sure
[23:52] Franko Corleone: pick a spot
[23:52] You: oh ok...I do not know this sim well yet..where do you recommend?
[23:53] Franko Corleone: perhaps by the river
[23:53] You: ok..I can follow you there
[23:53] You: this is nice
[23:53] You: hmmm.perhaps on the bridge?
[23:54] You: great
[23:54] You: one moment please...
[23:54] You: thank you :-)
[23:54] Franko Corleone: :)
[23:55] You: a very tranquil space indeed
[23:55] Franko Corleone: we tried to make this area as lifelike as poss
[23:55] Franko Corleone: wildlife
[23:55] Franko Corleone: sounds etc
[23:55] You: yes, it seems to work
[23:56] Franko Corleone: still m,uch more to do
[23:56] You: how old is this space?
[23:56] Franko Corleone: 23 march
[23:56] Franko Corleone: 13 march
[23:56] You: oh wow...very new then
[23:56] Franko Corleone: yes
[23:56] You: still new ;-)
[23:56] Franko Corleone: 1 month
[23:57] Franko Corleone: avg 200 peopel aday
[23:57] You: I am sure that number is growing
[23:57] You: I read about your sim on a news article..I think it was the LA Weekly
[23:57] Franko Corleone: yes its very popukar
[23:57] Franko Corleone: with new people
[23:57] You: have you had many griefers?
[23:57] Franko Corleone: no
[23:58] Franko Corleone: we have security
[23:58] You: ok

[23:58] You: have you had any interesting debates or conversations about Krishna Consciousness in SL?
[23:58] Franko Corleone: a few
[23:59] You: ok
[23:59] Franko Corleone: mostly people want to know abouyt the commuity
[23:59] You: ok
[23:59] Franko Corleone: ask a q or 2 about the posters
[23:59] Franko Corleone: but little real debate
[23:59] You: do you spend alot of time in SL? do you consider it part of your devotional practice?
[23:59] Franko Corleone: a few discuss the lectures that are on
[0:00] You: ok
[0:00] Franko Corleone: yes i do
[0:00] You: what do your fellow RL devotees think of your life as an avatar in SL?
[0:01] Franko Corleone: well as many in my area have been involved in the multyimedia/audio/tv side of the community for some time, they dont find it strange that i expand intoa virtual universe to create some content for the public
[0:01] You: ok, that is good
[0:02] You: do you find that living in a virtual universe such as this has helped to illuminate for you the illusory nature of Maya?
[0:03] Franko Corleone: in some ways yes. the activities available in sl, by its anarchistic evolution does show the illusory nature of maya. Again this was a reason for the creation of this area. As a way of showing people that SL does not HAVE to be of that nature. That it can also be of a devotional or educational nature.
[0:04] You: yes, that is a good answer..sort of what I am looking for in terms of my research :-)
[0:05] Franko Corleone: just because SL has by its hiostorical business models been subject to various forms of sexualised businesses, doesnt mean the whole grid has to become like that. Many educatuional aspects and areas are being opened up
[0:05] You: yes, it is one of the more refreshing aspects opening up
[0:06] You: perhaps religion and civilization in itself was a result of dis-satisfaction with the commercial/mercantile models in daily life?
[0:06] Franko Corleone: yes, by combining the best aspects of the functuionaliyty of sl's engine and using the resiources of text, audio and viudeo available we believe we can provide good service to the residents and to krishna
[0:07] You: yes, exactly....how do you think the Godhead is best expressed in this avatar realm?
[0:07] Franko Corleone: just as is done in RL
[0:07] You: :-)
[0:07] You: brb..I am going to copy and paste this chat history in case I crash and lose it all..
[0:08] You: hello, Ravinon
[0:08] ravinon Ruggles: hi
[0:09] You: I was just copying and pasting text for a minute there, I did not mean to appear distant
[0:09] Franko Corleone: :)

[0:10] You: once again, thank you for your time Franko
[0:10] Franko Corleone: my pleasure
[0:10] You: I hope we can chat again and continue this discussion with you and your fellow devotees
[0:10] Franko Corleone: znytime
[0:11] You: good bye for now...I will try to blog as soon as possible
[0:11] Franko Corleone: have a look at the gallery and lecture rooms
[0:11] You: I have already but I will look again
[0:11] Franko Corleone: :)
[0:11] Franko Corleone: oksafe travels
[0:11] Franko Corleone: safe travels
[0:11] You: thank you
[0:12] Franko Corleone: ill return to my building
[0:12] You: please feel free to forward my blog and contact info to any devotees you think would be interested in chatting with me on the subject
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