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Seminar on Transhumanism and Religion - Part 3 - Commentary...

Please forgive me for the long delay in developing Part 3 of my Miniseries on the recent Seminar on Transhumanism and Religion.

As soon as the conference floor had emptied itself of its attentive avatars, I had to discipline myself with virtually ascetic meditation, contemplation and research just to keep up with the ideas being presented forth by the four invited speakers to this conference.

Since Transhumanism/Posthumanism is an integral part of my personal philosophy, I wish to spend more blogging time than usual on this topic.

In fact, I may have to post a "Part 4" and even possibly "Part 5" to this miniseries down the road if I feel that I have not been able to discuss these topics properly.

At any rate, I wish to dive into my personal commentary of this transformative seminar beginning with the first speaker... Giulio Perhaps (aka. Giuio Prisco).

Firstly, Giulio has blogged the event himself at - http://transumanar.com/index.php/site/seminar_on_h_and_religion_in_sl/

The first thing that stuck me about Giulio's voice presentation was that he declared that there is no such thing as the "Supernatural" in our Metaverse. Giulio qualified this controversial statement by saying that all "nature" is "super". I agree with Giulio on this although from a subjective point of view, some events and phenomena certainly seem more "super" than conventionally "natural".

Emotions and sensations aside, I also agree with Giulio that the new religion of the 21st century and beyond should embrace the "supernatural" aesthetic of Transhumanity while at the same time having a firm "rational" base in understanding the truly superb nature of the divinely "natural".

Giulio was also on the ball with the concerns of the zeitgeist because he identified that without some sense of consolation and "meaning" behind Trans/Post Humanity, society as a whole (especially the Bio-Conservatives) would not embrace it.

For example, he argued that immortality is only desirable if your friends are also immortal and that you have (subjectively) worthwhile things to do with your life. There is a danger of taking one's lifespan for granted and losing a sense of meaning, urgency and accomplishment. From this, I hope that we can make as many people immortal as possible - even if it means uploading their individual consciousness into some hyperspatial dimension.

During question period, I asked Giulio in text-transmission mode:
"Do you feel that the culture of Transhumanists/Posthumanists in the future will be similar or even influenced by the Second Life civilization as a beta-test for how to conduct ourselves ethically and 'super'naturally in SL?"....

To my surprise, Giulio answered in voice-chat that he felt that Second Life was too Utopian and magickal a community to be seen as a direct beta-test for the kind of civilization that we should come to expect in the Posthuman era. He felt that SL was an escape from our everyday problems of suffering in contemporary RL and is therefore, not an accurate model of what RL in the future will look like.

I knew time was short during the seminar but for some reason, I did not come away satisfied with his answer...isn't Posthumanity promising the same kind of "(super)natural" situations that SL offers?

Also, isn't the Singulatarian Posthuman condition promising an end to all the material suffering (or our "daily problems" as he called it) in RL that is currently causing dissonence between RL and SL?

I am curious now to ask him more about what his impressions of SL are and why he believes that the transhumanesque culture we are currently living under in avatar form would not hold the key to what our society might look like in RL in the near future...
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