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Nichiren Buddhism in Second Life...

Immediately after my workshop with Nina Lancaster, I had a visit with one of the co-attendees, Miako Watanabe. She lives in Kyoto in RL (Real Life) and is a practicing Nichiren Buddhist in both RL and SL (Second Life).
Miako has built this lovely Nichiren Buddhist Temple with her husband.

Here are some educational links about Nichiren Buddhism...


What I find very interesting and encouraging in Nichiren Buddhism has to do with the fact that Nichiren the monk had adopted many of the same concepts from his original Shinto faith. Therefore, the animism of many other faiths are accepted with a warm and compassionate embrace.

The name of this temple is actually pronounced "Nam-Myōhō-Renge-Kyō" and is also the lyrics for Nichiren's mantra called the "Daimoku". Nichiren felt that followers could achieve enlightment in a single lifetime if this mantra was constantly chanted and meditated upon. Miako had this Daimoku on an audio-loop during our entire conversation and already I was starting to feel that enlightment was just around the corner :-)

Miako was very kind and I enjoyed the tea ceremony I had with her...what gracious hospitality :-)

She has already made me a Teacher of her in-world group because in her particular brand of Nichiren Buddhism, everyone is not only a student but also a teacher :-)
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