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Nina and the Mystic Twins...

Two weeks ago, I had a wonderful and enlightening experience with the Angel-Channeler Nina Lancaster and the enigmatic yet hyper-revealing Mystic Twins (Lagu Indigo and Stardove Choche). Nina invited me to have a personal one-and-one Spirit-Guide reading for me and how could I resist such a kind offer? Like most of the citizens of the Second Nations Assembly (see the posting about this group by scrolling down the blog), I knew that behind my Posthuman and Alien appearance, I was very much a biological humanoid entity that was seeking to be more grounded in my "real life" (RL). For confidentiality reasons, I will not reveal too much from what was discussed except to say that I have discovered new aspects about myself in Real Life (RL) that I can now channel towards moving towards my Higher Self.... Here are some photos of this transcendental yet intimate session that was held in Nina Lancaster's Healing Pool Centre for angelic transmissions and spirit-guided meditation...

Nina Lancaster began using the in-world voice chat in Second Life to open a channel between her Real and Virtual avatar self and that of the angelic realm...From this channel, her personal angelic spirit guide said that I was unable to directly access my higher self at my convenience due to my own lack of recognizing some of my own spirit guides which have been visible to me and have been trying over the years to make their presence known before my very own (biological) eyes... Her Guardian-Angel also said that I needed to
"notice my love"...at first I did not know what this meant but then a friend of Nina's magically arrived to help illuminate this cryptic observation......

Nina's friend is Lagu Indigo and she is one of the acclaimed Mystic Twins. Along with Nina, she declared that many of my spirit guides had incarnated as animals on Earth... Now everything became more clear. In my real and virtual lives, I have never been that connected with the animal kingdom (perhaps this might explain my desire to transcend the animalistic limitations of the physical humanoid form)... So in this sense, I never noticed that deep down my love should would also extend to animals - even those that might appear hostile at first... Still though, I had further questions... For example, what of my connection with the usual discarnate and disembodied consciouss-only entities? What about them? My desire(s) were still being focused on an exclusively platonic plane(s) of manifestation...

Once Lagu's Mystic Twin Stardove Choche arrived, I was able understand alot more about my current spiritual situation. The lesson learned from all this was that I was too focused on only channeling the more disembodied and virtualized spirit entities for guidance and now I will need to open my mind to the more "mundane" aspects of spirit manifestation. It turns out that one guide I thought was angelic in origin is actually a discarnate human who was a wise monk-like wizard (another "Merlin", perhaps?) in the Middle Ages (who actually is the namesake of a biblical Angel which added to my confusion but I think it is best if I do not reveal his name lest any public disclosure dilutes his direct guidance). I also found out that one of my Maternal Grandfather is also watching over me and the Twins gave me enough evidence to verify this claim in order to satisfy my occasional rationalist skepticism and unite me multi-dimensional heart, mind and pixel.
To add to all this, it turned out that in RL, I embody the Wolf-Spirit archetype persona - that of an occasional loner who craves deeper meaning and wisdom from others.
So from now on, I will expand my realm to include the "real" analog world alongside the "virtual" realms in order to achieve a quantum spiritual unity. I believe it was Ken Wilbur who in RL (Real Life) encouraged us to "transcend AND include" all of our accumulated realities throughout the Multiverse...
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